The Hubshare Advent

The answers...

What year was our Beaujolais event first hosted?

Answer: 2001

What was Hubshare first called?

Answer: Nikec Hub

Which country is this Hubshare office in?

Answer: France

What word is missing from the word search?

Answer: Portal

What was Christmas number 1 when Hubshare was first launched?

Answer: He ain't heavy, he's my brother - The Justice Collection

What countries do we have offices in?

Answer: UK, France and Hong Kong

How many new clients did Hubshare win in 2019??

Answer: 24

Name 3 Document Management Systems Hubshare integrates with

Answer: iManage, NetDocuments, Worldox, Edocs, Visualfiles

Which country is this Hubshare office in?

Answer: Hong Kong

What award did Hubshare recently win?

Answer: Storage Product of the Year - Document Manager Awards

What client appeared in our most recent webinar?

Answer: Yvette Moss - Steele Raymond

What were the names of our work experience super stars who made this video?

Answer: Maria & Ciaran

Fill in the banks

Answer: Collaborative Working

How many external users can you have per internal user?

Answer: Unlimited external users

Where are our 5 Azure data centers?

Answer: UK, USA, France, Australia and Canada

Where is Hubshare developed?

Answer: France

Which country is this Hubshare office in?

Answer: England - London

Who is our North American partner?

Answer: SAI Systems Auditing

Name three features of Hubshare

Answer: Examples are; Secure file-sharing, Large File Send, Project Management, Calendar & Events, Extranet, Deal Room, Branding etc

Where can Hubshare be hosted?

Answer: In the Cloud, On-premises, in your own data centre

What's unique about the red wine we serve at Beaujolais?

Answer: It is Beaujolais Nouveau & is released on the 3rd Thursday of November every year

What was Hubshare's most liked LinkedIn post in 2019

Answer: Our Beaujolais post

Name 6 Hubshare staff?

Answer: Any names from.... Ali, Alyson, Baptiste, Barry, Corentin, Damian, Dave, Elaine, Florence, Florian, Gabriel, Gavin, Jeremy, Joan, Maelys, Marwane, Milou, Mustapha, Nick, Paul, Pierre, Ram, Rebecca, Simon, Valentin.............

What was the first post on Hubshare's Instagram?

Answer: Fidgit Spinners.