Our Company

Hubshare is a privately-owned software company within the Nikec Solutions Group, providing secure file sharing, team collaboration, extranets and project management software. Hubshare has customers in the legal, accounting and corporate sectors. The Hubshare product was originally created by Nikec Solutions in 2012 with the birth of Nikec Docstore, a file sharing platform. In 2015 the platform was enhanced to add Nikec Hub, a secure extranet platform. In 2018 the two platforms merged to form the Hubshare platform and Hubshare Solutions Ltd was formed. Hubshare has offices in the UK, France and Hong Kong, distributors in Australia and North America and resellers in many other countries globally.

Hubshare was developed with a key message in mind:

"We believed in challenging how firms shared files and data with clients. We challenged this by making a simpler, easier to use, value for money solution to help firms work together with their clients more efficiently. We developed Hubshare - An Extranet and Collaboration platform"