A law firm collaboration portal that allows seamless secure document and information sharing, project and task management, as well as matter management in and all in one engaging platform.

Secure client


Securely collaborate and share information with clients in one powerful extranet portal.

Reduce costs, strengthen client relationships and enhance efficiency by using Hubshare's collaborative working platform.

Securely share files by synchronising with your DMS allowing users to quickly and easily share documents and files with internal and external users. Ensuring the high levels of security that a law firm requires are kept to.

Hubshare allows users to add comments, create discussions and set deadlines. Enabling collaboration in a secure workspace that won’t let lawyers down.


multiple matters

Quickly and easily create portals for each matter without any technical experience. You can let the client see exactly what stage their matter is at. As well as accessing any other relevant bits of information.

You can also upsell your other services, giving information in the portal about what else you do.

Map out your legal projects keeping clients up to date on each phase of the project.

Centralising project management in a secure collaborative space, makes it more efficient and saves time.



Hubshare lets you capture knowledge, making business more efficient as knowledge is easily shared. Colleagues and clients can easily access knowledge stored in a hub.