Improve the way your students learn with HubShare

Allow academic staff to create their own extranets to easily share resources

With HubShare teachers are able to quickly create their own hub for each of their classes or modules. No need to rely on IT to create these portals. Teachers can share large files, documents and videos.

The accessible portal allows students to get these resources regardless of where they are and what device they are using.

Ensure your students

never miss a deadline

HubShare allows teachers to assign tasks and set deadlines. So students know exactly what they’re assignment is and when it’s is in for. No more excuses of writing the deadline down wrong, or mishearing the date.

All deadlines, task assignments and needed resources are in one portal.

Students can also securely upload their work to be marked, making the hand in process easier. Then teachers can provide feedback and grading in the portal. .

Collaborate and


Create a centralised space where students can discuss assignments, and ask questions to get answers from other students. So students aren’t reliant on the teacher for a reply.

Teachers can also change their lesson content according to these discussions, helping students get more from their class.

HubShare enhances communications between teachers and students, creating a place to access resources, discuss assignments and get feedback. So everyone is on the same page.