Allowing corporate legal teams to securely share and collaborate on documents within the organisation, with law firms and with external advisors, to help increase business efficiency and reduce costs



Creating collaborative Hubs couldn’t be quicker. In seconds easily share documents and information with outside council and advisors using Hubshares templates and wizards, which eliminates the need for any IT involvement.

Secure Large File Sharing

& Document Management

Quickly, securely and easily share your sensitive documents with colleagues or external users instead of relying on multiple emails or mailbox size limits. Also with granular permissions and document version control, managing documents couldn’t be easier.

Internal Collaboration

& Knowledge Management

Sharing information internally couldn’t be easier. Keep up to date on project timelines, precedents and internal policies as well as collaborate and share team knowledge.



Keep your projects on time and on budget, by giving your users and external users a shared collaborative space to manage tasks and keep everyone updated.