Making team collaboration simple

Easily collaborate

with colleagues

Efficiently create hubs for each relevant project, centralising all files, deadlines and comments.

Simply create groups/teams of users and manage their access rights, and assign tasks and set deadlines.

Don’t let collaboration be tied down by geographical location or device, collaborate wherever, whenever you need to.

Improve your external

or partner collaboration

With granular rights you can collaborate easily without having to create different portals for internal and external users.

Eliminate disparate or redundant messages from multiple threads of emails and have one centralised working space.

Collaborate with external parties without compromising on security.

Enhance your client


Create personalised portals for your clients so they can access their information wherever and whenever they need to.

You can be more transparent with your clients by presenting all information about their project in one place.

Improving your collaboration and communication with clients, and strengthening relationships.