collaborative working

with a flexible, easy to use, value for money solution

Hubshare is a powerful collaboration and secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively and more efficiently

Hubshare maximises your business's productivity with a dynamic portal that empowers colleagues and clients to communicate and collaborate, by creating a place to share files, information, project timelines, resources and knowledge. Hubshare increases client engagement and enhances business efficiency.

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Mobile friendly

Simple setup & configuration

Customisable to meet your needs

Ease of Use

Simple deployment

Intuitive user interface

Speedy setup with workflow & templates


for money

Highly competitive pricing

Transparency and no hidden costs

Unlimited external users


Trusted secure alternative to email

Cloud or on premises



Advanced 2-way DMS sync

AD / SSO/ API / MS Office / PMS

Streamlined workflow saves time & money


We understand your firm

We add value to you & your clients

We care about making a difference

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